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Blog header_climate law

What do we know about California's Climate Disclosure Laws?

In October 2023, California announced new legislation for reporting on carbon emissions. Learn what is involved in this legislation and how to more

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Blog header - Sustainability in food production

How to increase sustainability in food production

Sustainability is vital to the future food industry supply chain. This guide explores the implications and benefits of sustainable food more

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Blog header - food safety systems

Who is responsible for implementing food safety management systems?

In this article, Foods Connected will be summarising responsibilities for managing safety and regulatory compliance across the food supply more

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Food Supply Chains: Conducting Vendor Due Diligence Beyond Tier 1

Read our blog here on Food Supply Chains and the importance of Conducting Vendor Due Diligence Beyond Tier more

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5 ways you can tackle compliance risk in your supply chain

In today’s modern market, consumer demand – As well as laws and regulations – Are constantly evolving, which impacts the scale and scope of the more

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Top 5 Food Industry Trends in 2021

2020 proved to be one of the strangest years on record. Hospitality took a real battering with stop start lockdowns and circuit breakers which more

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