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Blog 6 Procurement

5 Hidden Inefficiencies in your Food Procurement Process and How to Tackle Them

No matter what size your food business is, procurement can be complex, costly, and time consuming to manage. We’ll detail 5 hidden inefficiencies more

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The Rise of Sustainable Food Procurement and What Lies Ahead

Governments around the world are placing increasing regulatory pressures on organisations to force action on their own core ESG more

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Procurement 4.0: How digital procurement software can unlock hidden value in your supply chain

Digital procurement software is changing the way food procurement teams work, providing opportunities for increased task automation and more

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Procurement challenges 2022: When will normality be restored in the food industry?

From production right through to retail, the food industry has been facing several challenges in terms of procurement and supply chain more

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How to drive up sustainability performance across your supply chain

To truly drive sustainability performance across your supply chain, you must look beyond your own business impact and look toward supplier more

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5 ways you can tackle compliance risk in your supply chain

In today’s modern market, consumer demand – As well as laws and regulations – Are constantly evolving, which impacts the scale and scope of the more

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