Meet The Team - Richard Peoples

This week we met up with Richard Peoples – Foods Connected's Head of Product Management & Customer Support to learn a little more about his role at Foods Connected and the growth of the Team.

  1. What drove you towards a career in customer support?

As Foods Connected expanded, we identified the need to create specialized teams in order to ensure that our customer’s needs were being fulfilled. The opportunity to help create the strategy and implement the support framework required for all of the system’s users was challenging, but also highly rewarding. Every day presents new ways to improve our offering, and gives me an excellent insight into how people use our solutions today, and how they might use them in the future.

  1. What has been the proudest moment (or most accomplished moment!) of your time with Foods Connected so far?

As a company we have achieved so much in such a short space of time, but personally I take great pride in being involved with our placement programme. Being given the opportunity to mentor individuals and develop my leadership skills has been great, and seeing placement students excel and then join the team on a full time basis is extremely rewarding!

  1. What is something not many people would guess about you?

As a father of 3 active young children, my weekends are busy, but I always try and find time for two of my passions. I always try and make time to research and create recipes for new family meals, but endless hours can also be spent cleaning the cars. Both of these hobbies have become slightly obsessional over the years, with lots of time being spent on YouTube getting ideas.

  1. What advice would you give those looking to kick start a career in support at Foods Connected?

I received a great piece of advise early on in my career and it has stuck with. The importance of knowing and understanding the product you are working with is key. I believe that if you have a willingness to learn and continually improve your knowledge of the product you are supporting, it will not only enhance the level of service you are able to provide, but also dramatically increase your level of job satisfaction.

  1. What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

I am really looking forward to working with new customers, and seeing how more businesses can benefit from our industry leading software. I am also excited about returning to the office on a more regular basis and interacting face to face with my colleagues. Foods Connected is a vibrant team and our office has always been a really positive and creative place to be.