Meet the Team - Ciara Kane

We caught up with Ciara Kane, one of our fantastic Implementation Specialists based in our Belfast office, to hear what attracted her to a career in Food Tech, her proudest moment at Foods Connected and her advice for future recruits!

1. What attracted you to a career in the food tech?

Towards the end of studying Food Science & Nutrition I started looking for a graduate job. Foods Connected stood out to me, as it was really unique compared to other graduate jobs within the food industry. I could see the value it would offer to food companies and have always enjoyed working with technology. Although I didn’t have much experience within the software sector, I was keen to apply my food industry knowledge to the role and develop my skills within this new area.

2. What has been the proudest moment (or most accomplished moment!) of your time with Foods Connected so far?

I don’t have a specific, but how my confidence has grown with increased system knowledge is something I feel proud of. I have the ability to assist new graduates and team members which shows me how far I have come. The team at Foods Connected are so supportive.

3. Tell us something not many people would guess about you

In my spare time I love to bake, enjoy going to a gym class or walking my little cockapoo along the beach!

4. What advice would you give those looking to kick start a career at Foods Connected?

Just go for it! If you don't come from a software background, don't let that put you off. Joining a software company can be daunting if you don’t come from that background, but just bring along your area of expertise and the software will become second nature. You will be joining an amazing team of people who are all very approachable and helpful, so you’ll never feel alone! There’s a great team culture at Foods Connected so you will not regret joining.

5. What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

Im looking forward to seeing how Foods Connected develops as a company. The system is constantly improving and adding benefit to our customers lives. We have several projects currently running which are going to see even more value added to the platform and I’m excited to see it come to life!